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Detailed rules

Detailed Rules of the  "Parrot Video of the Year" Competition for the Best Parrot Video


(effective from Jan.1, 2019)




1. Theme of the competition is the selection of the best video featuring a parrot/parrots among the videos published by Participants of the Competition in the „Parrot Video Makers” FB Group administered by the Parrot TV. The administrator can appoint any number of sub-administrators and/or moderators on its own authority.


2. The Organizers of the Competition and the prize funders are the Parrot TV fb profile which belongs to the Center of Exotics company, NIP 521-143-21-99.


3. The Competition is carried out in the service for FB users from all over the world. (URL address:


4. There are no age limits for Participants (see pt. 15 of the Rules). The Competition is open to Participants around the world. Administrators and moderators appointed by the Organizer may both participate in the Competition and/or vote for their favourites.


5. The period of the Competition is unlimited. Preliminary contest of each edition runs one calendar year*. The winner of the year will be selected in the final competition at the beginning of each next year.




6. In order to take part in the Competition a Participant must:


a) read the rules of the Competition

b) publish your video featuring a parrot/parrots in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group. The movie can feature people and other animals as well. The theme of the video should be everyday life of your pets.

c) add the title of your video in your post and/or the name of the parrot/parrots that appear in it (if applicable).


7. Submissions containing any insulting and obscene content, elements of advertising and sales, or videos that involve putting any animal in danger, as well as how-to videos, will be deleted by the Organizer of the Competition and the Participant who published them will be banned.


8. In the preliminary ”Parrot Video of the Year” Competition each month the ”Parrot Video of the Month” will be selected by the group members through the FB system of likes.



9. Each month a Participant can publish any number of videos featuring the same parrot in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group. The parrot presented in the video does not need to be owned by the Participant, but its owner must agree to use its image in the Competition. If a Participant is not a video author, he/she must have its author’s consent to use it (see pt. 15 of Rules).


10. The video length and parameters are unlimited. However, videos of the best possible quality are preferred (recorded horizontally and with the maximized camera resolution), since only such videos will be rewarded by incorporating in the possible Organizer’s video summarizing each Competition edition and published on the Parrot TV YouTube channel. A couple of video clips published in one post are treated as a whole, in other words - as one video.


11. The "Parrot Video of the Month" title will be awarded to a video which will score the highest number of "likes" added by group members within the current month. The "Parrot Video of the Month" will be announced in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group, and published on Parrot TV YT channel . A Participant can publish any number of videos during one month and every month, however, the same videos must not be published again. The number of "likes" gained by the "Parrot Video of the Month" will not influence the score of the "Parrot Video of the Year". Only the number of "likes" gained in the final voting will determine this choice.


12. In case of placing a video in a commentary or a couple of video clips in one post, only "likes" added under the commentary or for particular single videos will be taken into account and not the "likes" added for the post as a whole.


13. After the end of the calendar year the list of winners of particular months will be published by the Organizer in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group and on the Parrot Shop FB Page. The video which will gain the biggest number of "likes" within 30 days from the publishing date will be elected the "Parrot Video of the Year". 1 day is counted as 24 hours which elapsed from the publishing time. The Competition result will be announced on the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group, on the Parrot Shop FB Page and on


14. The winner of the "Parrot Video of the Year" Competition will get a prize from the Parrot Shop, which is a set consisting of the basic parrot food, cage flooring, ecological perch and a parrot toy - adjusted to the species of a Participant’s parrot. The prize is awarded for the video and its size does not depend on the number of parrots presented in the video. The prize must be collected in the Parrot Shop. Before collecting the prize a Participant is obliged to contact the Organizer by phone (+48 22 841 18 30) or by e-mail ( Prizes are not shipped. The prize should be collected by the end of the year in which the competition result was announced.




15. By publishing his/her video in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group each participant declares and warrants that:

a) he/she is the sole and exclusive owner and rights holder of the submitted video and if the video in not his/her own work, a Participant has the author’s consent to its publication and submission to the Competition;

b) he/she agrees to use and distribute by the Organizer his/her image and his/her children images who are featured in the video and if other persons are featured in the video a Participant warrants that they agreed to use and distribute their images and images of their parrots;

c) he/she has obtained consent from his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) to enter and compete if he/she is below the age of 18;

d) he/she agrees (or if he/she is not a video author, he/she has its author’s consent) to gratuitously and termlessly use his/her competition videos by the Organizer for promotional and commercial purposes and, in particular, in the video summarizing each Competition edition, in any time and form and in the following fields of operation:

- saving and copying the item using printing technology, reprographic technique, magnetic and digital recording,

- marketing the original or copies,

- dissemination the item by public performance, exhibition, printout, displaying, broadcasting or re-broadcasting, and distributing the video so that anyone can access it at any time and place convenient.      

e) in case of any technical problems with downloading a Participant’s video from the Facebook service to the Organizer’s computer, the Participant is obliged to deliver video files submitted to the Competition in the way agreed upon with the Organizer,

f) in case of being awarded Participant agrees to photo or/and video documentation of his/her person when collecting the prize and to using the materials for promotional purposes of the Organizer.

g) if his/her video fulfils the requirements of the rules of the Organizer’s other Competition - the Talking Birds Championship of Poland ”Parrot Chat”, a Participant agrees to incorporating his video in this competition as well.


16. The Organizer does not cover any taxes due on the grounds of the awarded prize.


17. The Organizer accepts no responsibility for technical problems arising while uploading the competition materials.


18. This Competition is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, administered by, or associated with Facebook or any company associated with Facebook. Facebook is neither legally nor financially responsible for any claims of Participants, connected with their participation in the Competition.


19. By entering the Competition a Participant assents to obey the provisions of these Rules.