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PARROT SHOP is the first and the only in Poland specialized pet shop offering parrots and all accessories for their breeding. It was set up in 1997.

We specialize in hand-reared, tame talking parrots. Our shop assistants are zootechnics professionals, who are always ready to advice in purchasing your pet.


Our parrots are available in following options:

  • hand-raised (most suitable for pets),
  • raised by their natural parents - easy to be tamed babies. However, they will never be as much tame as those which have been hand-reared,
  • raised by their natural parents (untame - best for breeding).

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Moreover, our shop offers ecological, hand-made parrot toys, ecological perches, wooden cage bedding, parrot harnesses, anti-plucking collars (in Polish only), as well as all other accessories for breeding and caring for birds, like cages, bird feed, etc.


See our videos about our products (English subtitles):



Apart from birds our company offers occasionally some very exotic species of mammals. See our monkeys and other animals offers. Monkeys and other animals are not kept in the Parrot Shop.


Warsaw, 149 Czerniakowska Street

Phone no. +48 22 841 18 30

Open hours: Monday - Friday 11:00 - 19:00; Sataurday 10:00 - 14:00


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Parrot Shop online sales:


Phone no. + 48 792 485 530


Handling shipments ordered through the website tel. 880 658 740,

We reply in English or Russian only. We do not reply to SMS messages.



We have no permanent animal pricelists. Prices depend on:

- a season of the year

- domestication extent (wild, tame, hand-reared)

- the very individual (prices vary within one species).

Seasonal availability of babies. For the latest information on prices and availability please contact the shop office by e-mail or on phone (we speak only English and Russian).



We are not an online shop. We do not ship animals. We always prefer you to pick up your bird in person. However, shipment within EU is possible by carriers arranged and paid by you and to your responsibility.