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The brief wording of Rules for the "Parrot Video of the Year" Competition


(effective from Jan.1, 2019)


1) The winner is picked by FB users among the videos published by the Participants in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group, administered by Parrot TV.


2) In the preliminary Competition the ”Parrot Video of the Month” is picked every month. After the year end the Competition winner - "Parrot Video of the Year" is picked among the videos of all months of the year.


3) In order to take part in the Competition you must publish the video you recorded featuring a parrot/parrots (not necessarily yours) and wait for the ”likes”. The video must be your work or you must have full copyright and property rights (pt.15 of Detailed Rules). The video length is unlimited. Add the names of the parrots it features. You can also entitle your video.


4) Group members vote for the videos of the particular months published in the ”Parrot Video Makers” FB Group and on the ”Parrot Video of the Year” by clicking the ”Like” button. The quality of your video is insignificant, but remember that high-quality videos have increased chances to be liked by the users. The best videos chosen by the Organizer will be rewarded by incorporating in Parrot TV video summarizing each Competition edition; therefore, high definition videos recorded horizontally (preferably Full HD, i.e. 1920x1080p) are preferred.


5) Each month you can publish any number of videos in the Competition Group. You can take part in the Competition every month and every year. However, each submission must be a new video. You must not submit the same video again.


6) The prize funders are VERSELE LAGA and Parrot Shop. The winner of the "Parrot Video of the Year" Competition will get exactly the same prizes as the Talking Birds Chapionships winners: a set of bird feeds from the VL company and  a set of ecological perches and a parrot toy from the Parrot Shop -  all adjusted to the species of the Participant’s pet bird.


7) Before you enter the Competition you have to read its Complete Rules