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Our Vet

Our company cooperates with dr Andrzej Krajewski, a veterinary surgeon specializing in exotic animals treatment.
In case of any problems with your pet or doubts before purchasing it, you can contact him to obtain a professional advise. Dr Andrzej Krajewski treats his patients in the  wetmedicor veterinary surgery or you can call him to arrange a home visit.
Doktor's tel. no:
692 007 920

VETERINARY ADVICE (English dubbing)


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Contact us

e-mail: info@papugi.com.pl 

Tel. + 48 792 485 530 
We do not reply to text messages                   
Warsaw, 149 Czerniakowska Street
(vis-à-vis Bartycka Street)                               

Tel. (shop): +48 22 8411830

Open hours:
Monday - Friday 1100 - 1900
Saturday 1000 - 1400

On Dec. 24 & 31 and on Great Saturday the shop is open until 1 p.m.

On May 2 the shop is open until 2 p.m.


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We are not an online shop. We do not ship animals. However, shipment abroad is possible in special transporters by airlines which carry animals or other animal carriers arranged and paid by our clients.







No permanent animal pricelists. Prices depend on:
 - a season of the year
 - domestication extent (wild, tame, hand-reared)
 - the very individual (prices vary within one species).
Seasonal availability of some birds and animals, especially babies. For the latest information on prices and availability please contact us on phone or e-mail.

We do not advise by e-mail on breeding methods and caring for animals.