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Rarities for connoisseurs!update: 28-06-2020


Bookings of bottle-fed serval cat babies now available.


Very limited offer.


In case of orders, please, contact our office tel. +48 792 485 530

Hot offers!

update: 06-08-2020

The biggest selection of macaws now on sale - both large and dwarf ones!

All our animals from the Appendix A of the Washington Convention possess the European registration document.

(Ara ararauna & Ara severa are still being hand-fed)



Check our Large parrots offer        Watch our videos on these macaws (English subtitles): 


Other large parrots
update: 23-07-2020

Medium-seize parrots
update: 23-07-2020

Small parrakeets
update: 03-08-2020


The biggest selection of little parrots


- various varieties and color mutations


of budgerigars, cockatiels and lovebirds


always for sale.


Now additionally hand-reared Monk parakeets, budgies & lovebirds.


Check our Little parrots offer     Watch our videos on them:



Other birds
update: 12-07-2020



Constantly on sale canaries, finches and other colorful and singing birds.


Check Other birds offer  

General information

For breeders

Breeders! If you want to match adult birds for breedeng, do it in autumn and at the beginning of winter. In spring time older specimen will be hardly available.


At your request we can deliver sexed birds or breeding pairs.

CITES information

Our birds and other animals are set in CITES documents of origin or other documents required for their registration in the territory of the European Union. Animals from the A attachement of the Washington Convention are accompanied with the so called EuroCITES, e.g. a document admitting trade in them in the territory of the EU.