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Large parrots
update: 24-07-2024

The biggest selection of large, hand-raised companion parrots now for sale.




Check our Large parrots offer      Watch our videos on them (English subtitles):


Medium-seize parrots
update: 21-07-2024

Small parrots & parrakeets
update: 21-07-2024


The biggest selection of little parrots


- various varieties and color mutations


of budgerigars, cockatiels and lovebirds


always for sale.



Check our Little parrots offer     Watch our videos on them:




Other birds
update: 03-01-2023



Constantly for sale canaries, finches and other colorful and singing birds.


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Offer for breeders
update: 21-07-2024


Parrot Shop is specialised in companion parrots, but we always have also somenthing for breeders. This time a breeding pair of Caiques, Sun conures and Derbyan Parakeets.


Check out the offer of large parrots, medium parrots and small parrots

Please note:

We are very sorry, but we are unable to carry out daily updates to the website. We include the date of the last update under each heading. Therefore, if it is not current, we suggest that you confirm the validity of the offer by phone or by e-mail. This is especially the case for hand-fed parrots of popular species, the supply of which unfortunately does not keep up with demand.

General information

Orders welcome!

We also fulfil individual orders for birds that we do not have in our current sale.

Ask about availability by e-mail or call 792 485 530

For breeders

Breeders! If you want to match adult birds for breedeng, do it in autumn and at the beginning of winter. In spring time older specimen will be hardly available.


At your request we can deliver sexed birds or breeding pairs.

CITES information

Our birds and other animals are set in CITES documents of origin or other documents required for their registration in the territory of the European Union. Animals from the A attachement of the Washington Convention are accompanied with the so called EuroCITES, e.g. a document admitting trade in them in the territory of the EU.