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Brief wording of rules

The brief wording of Rules for the "PARROT of the YEAR" Competition


1. The winner is picked by Facebook users among the photos published on the Parrot Shop Facebook page.


2. In the preliminary Competition the "Parrot of the Month" is picked every month. After the year end the "Parrot of the Year" is picked among the parrots of each month of the year.


3. In order to take part in the Competition you must:

- first give a "like" to the Parrot Shop

- and than publish a photo (not necessarily of YOUR parrot) on the Parrot Shop Facebook page (in the Guests' Posts box - in the left column) and await "likes".


4. Do not forget to add that it is a submission to the Competition and to reveal the name of your parrot. Everyone would like to know the name of the "Parrot of the Year". You can also add a title or a comment to your photo.


5. Facebook users vote for the "Parrot of each particular Month" and the "Parrot of the Year" by clicking the "Like" button. The quality of your photo is insignificant, but remember that interesting and amusing photos increase the chance to be liked by users.


6. It is not necessary to be an author of the photo, but you must have the author's consent to use it. It is not necessary to be an owner of the parrot, but you must have its owner's consent to use his/her parrot's image (point No. 12 of the Complete Rules).


7. Every month you may publish any number of photos on the Parrot Shop Facebook, but "likes" of various photos of the same parrots do not accumulate when picking the "Parrot of the Month". Thus, publishing more photos of your parrot in the same month you do not increase its chance to win.


8. If your photo won, you must not publish it again. You must take a new photo. But if your photo did not win in previous months or years, and you think it has a chance to win, you may publish it in the next months again, until it wins.


9. If your parrot won the "Parrot of the Month" title several times in the year, the "likes" of its various photos in the final picking "Parrot of the Year" do accumulate!!! Thus, if you publish a photo every month, you will have the biggest chance to win in the final voting!


10. The winner of the "Parrot of the Year" Competition will get a prize from the Parrot Shop, which is a set consisting of the basic parrot food, cage flooring, ecological perch and a parrot toy - adjusted to the species of the parrot on the photo.


11. But before you enter the Competition you have to read its Detailed Rules as well.




Your chance will be bigger if you publish your photo at the beginning of the month. Submitting your photo at the end of the month limits your chance to win, because according to the Rules, the parrot which collects the highest number of "likes" within one calendar month becomes the "Parrot of the Month". Its "likes" from other months are not taken into account. Publishing your photo e.g. on June 30 makes that your parrot is submitted to the "Parrot of June" contest and will not take part in the "Parrot of July" voting. And the "Parrot of the Year" will be picked only among the winners of particular months.