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About us


Our company deals chiefly in sales of exotic birds, and especially hand-raised, tame parrot and parakeet pets.

We can also deliver breeding pairs. On your wish our birds can be DNA tested. 

We offer other animals as well, in peculiarity, young domesticated monkeys (Capuchin monkey, common squirrel monkey - saimiri, Rhesus monkey), marmosets, tamarins, raccoons, skunks, prairie dogs, chipmunks, sugar gliders and other mammals, as well as reptiles, amphibians and insects. 

All our birds and animals are provided with documents of their origin (CITES) or other indispensable documents.


PARROT SHOP is the first and the only in Poland specialist shop offering parrots and all accessories for their breeding. It was established in 1997 under the patronage of the Polish Society for Exotic Birds' Fans. The shop offers parrots of own breeding, from breeders of the Polish Society for Exotic Birds' Fans and from European animal husbandries. Apart from birds our shop offers occasionally some very exotic species of mammals.




HAND-REARING is what our company specializes in hand-raised babies which are fully tame and easily adjustable to a new house and new keepers. They are on intimate terms with humans and treat their guardians as their partners. Hand-feeding is rather expensive and labour-consuming. That is why hand-raised babies are more expensive. However, we can assure, it will be well invested money. You will win a plenty of joy and satisfaction from having a devoted and chatting friend for tens of years.


PARROT TOYS are indispensable for their psychical health and suitable physical condition. Parrots' nature is very destructive. Giving them toys you deliver them the material for destruction. Toys destroying keeps them busy, gives them a lot of joy, stimulates their activity, ensures entertaiment and helps them to abrade their beaks and claws. Our toys are of diverse colours and shapes. We use only natural materials. The diversity of sizes makes our designs suitable for all parrots and parakeets, from budgerigars to macaws. We are sure the keepers will appreciate the favours that their pets derive from playing with our toys.
Our toys can be obtained at our PARROT SHOP.


WOODEN FLOORING for cages, breeding boxes, aviaries and terrariums. Due to a special technological process our flooring is sterile and strongly hygroscopic. Due to its anti-alergic properties it can be used even for inimmune young birds and animals. Our woodchips are produced of the best quality of deciduous wood (beech). We make two sizes of chips: for bigger and smaller birds or animals. 
Our woodchips can be obtained at our PARROT SHOP.





 The INTERNATIONAL TALKING BIRDS CHAMPIONSHIP OF POLAND "PARROT CHAT" - as an organizer of the contest we invite all talking parrots and mynas owners from all over the world to take part in it by sending us an entry form on (English version soon available) along with a video or a link to download your video showing your talking bird. Please, note that YOU WILL NOT be asked to come in person to take part in the competition.

All talking birds' fans are also invited to watch the "PARROT CHAT". Keep your fingers crossed for your favourite competitors and vote with a "thumb up" for the Talker of the Year!





PAPUZIATELEWIZJA (PARROT TV) means unique educational films, how-to videos, reportages and entertainment, as well as penty of parrot chat!

Starring: parrots from the Parrot Shop in Warsaw, Poland.

Occasionally, also guests - monkeys, lemurs, coati, skunks, mynah birds and other animals from the Center of Exotics, the owner of the Parrot Shop. Our videos are available only in Polish, however, gradually we add English subtitles.