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Miss 2016

Competition "PARROT OF THE YEAR"
on the Parrot Shop Facebook

We are stoked to announce that out of the twelve Parrots of the months you have chosen Stephan to be the Parrot of the Year 2016. Stephan, our Parrot of November, was submitted by user Kamil Sawczuk.

Have further fun publishing your photos and voting with likes for the Parrot of the Year 2017 on our fanpage.


 Stephan - Parrot of the Year 2016                                 Kamil Sawczuk collecting his prize

Winners of particular months of 2016


Miss of January 2016

Lorikeet named Pasqda
submitted by user Tomasz Pietrzak

Miss of February 2016

Cockatiel named Kubuś
submitted by user Jasiu Stefanowicz

Miss of March 2016

Indian Ring-necked parakeet named Oluś
submitted by user Joanna Żurek

Miss of April 2016

Caique named Balbina
submitted by user Jurek Ogórek

Parrot of May 2016

Amazon named Koko the King
submitted by user Małgorzata Grabarek

Miss of June 2016

Parrot named Niuniek
submitted by user Piotr Kanabus!

Miss of July 2016

Cockatiel named Romeo
submitted by user Karolina Wiśniewska

Miss of August 2016

Green-cheeked Conure named Frugo
submitted by user Weronika Grzegorz Bartodziej

Miss of September 2016

Patagonian Conure named Gucio
submitted by user Luksz Swider

Miss of October 2016

Green-cheeked Conure named Pestka
submitted by user Wiktor Kostrzewa.

Miss of November 2016

Indian Ring-necked Parakeet named Stefan
submitted by user Kamil Paweł Sawczuk.

Miss of December

Indian Ring-necked parakeet named Chrupek
submitted by user Daiczmanek Iza