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Our company cooperates with dr Andrzej Krajewski, a veterinary surgeon specializing in exotic animals treatment.
In case of any problems with your pet or doubts before purchasing it, you can contact him to obtain a professional advise. Dr Andrzej Krajewski treats his patients in the  wetmedicor veterinary surgery or you can call him to arrange a home visit.
Doktor's tel. no:
692 007 920

VETERINARY ADVICE (in Polish only)


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Hits of the seasonupdate: 02-02-2016

Great rarity -  young Weeper Capuchin monkey (Cebus olivaceus)  now on sale!

All documents required in the whole EU   

Check our Monkeys offer

See videos on our monkey:

Attention!!! Because of a ban on importing to the EU and decreasing European breederies Capuchin monkey is more and more often offered on advert portals by Internet scammers. Read about Nigerian scam (in Polish only).

Hot offers!

update: 22-01-2016


The bigest selection of macaws,

both large and dwarf ones!!!

See photos of the currently offered harlequin macaws

Other big parrots as well as smaller parrots, parakeets and parotlets on sale, as well. Check our Large parrots offer


See our video on these macaws:

update: 02-01-2016


Brilliant, tremendous Triton Sulphur-crested cockatoo and Umbrella cockatoo now on sale.

See the video with both of them


Smaller parrots, parakeets and parotlets on sale, as well. 




Check our Large parrots offer


See our video on these cocatoos:

Medium seized parrots
update: 22-01-2016

Little parrots
update: 31-01-2016

The biggest selection of little parrots - various varieties and color mutations of budgerigars, cockatiels and lovebirds always on sale.

Now on sale a big rarity - hand-reared budgerigars and lovebirds!!!

Check our Little parrots offer


See our videos on little parrots:

Other talking and singing birds
update: 06-12-2015

Rare guests in the Parrot Shop:  mynah bird baby - the best talking bird and the best singing birds - Pekin Robins now on sale. Possibility of matching not related pairs.

Other birds on sale as well.  

Check Other birds offer      Mynah birds - species description (in Polish only)


Watch mynah birds Niuniek and Ogonek on the films from the Talking Birds Championship of Poland "Parrot Chat"

Orders welcome!

Tamarins and marmosets
update: 06-12-2015


Orders for various species of marmoset and tamarin babies welcome.

Bottle-fed specimen should be ordered few months earlier.

Tamarins photo  gallery

Tamarins & marmosets – species description (in Polish only)

Check our Monkeys offer

General information

For breeders

Breeders! If you want to match adult birds for breedeng, do it in autumn and at the beginning of winter. In spring time older specimen will be hardly available.


At your request we can deliver sexed birds or breeding pairs.

CITES information

Our birds and other animals are set in CITES documents of origin or other documents required for their registration in the territory of the European Union. Animals from the A attachement of the Washington Convention are accompanied with the so called EuroCITES, e.g. a document admitting trade in them in the territory of the EU.